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Today’s customers are more harried, more demanding, and more dangerous than ever. With an apparent trend toward more incidents of customer unruliness, the safety of every company’s employees, their patrons, and their business assets takes on new, urgent, and challenging dimensions. 

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January 19, 2015
Angry customer hurled water over staff at Costa Coffee
Manchester Evening News

January 1, 2015
Korean Air Nut Rage Brings Former VP to Detention
Liberty Voice

December 8, 2014
Angry Customers Throw Snake at Tim Hortons Employee
Oye! Times

To help companies meet this challenge, Applied Psychology developed Hazpat, a collection of services that provides assistance in drafting policies, formulating operational procedures and developing training programs to manage hazardous patrons. Hazpat services are especially suited to businesses operating in the areas of financial services, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, recreation, restaurant, retail and transportation. (Services that specifically address disruptive airline passengers is available through HaxPax.)

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